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Danni Williams

Danni started writing during the lockdown out of sheer boredom, and her passion for storytelling hasn’t waned since. As a paranormal romance author, she focuses on crafting captivating narratives that feature African-American heroes and heroines.

Through her Nightshade Vampires series, Danni explores the enthralling world of supernatural romance, weaving together thrilling adventures and passionate love stories.

Nightshade Vampires - complete series bundle
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Four book bundle

Get all four ebooks in the Nightshade Vampires series at one time for less than you would pay retail.

  • Shadow's Debt - book 1
  • Shadow's Doubt - book 2
  • Shadow's Pride - book 3
  • Shadow's Price - novella

Shadow's Debt - book 1

Dragon shifter Simone just wants to be left alone. But a debt owed by her father to vampire lord Andre Silversbane will disrupt Simone’s future. Add to that a crazy vampire King who thinks Simone is the key to a major artifact and it will be all that she can do to stay alive.

Simone is happily anticipating starting a new life in Chicago when life drops a bombshell on her. Her father owes vampire lord Andre Silversbane a debt and has given her to him.

Now Simone has to learn to survive among the Nightshade vampires as the new Lady Silversbane. And, survive a plot by the Mad King Rapheal, who wants her to retrieve an artifact that should remain hidden.

When tragedy strikes, Simone will have to make a decision that will change the world as she knows it or destroy it.

Shadow's Doubt - Book 2

A dragon shifter kidnapped. A wolf shifter and vampire team up to rescue her from the hands of a mad vampire.

Vampire Lisa Silversbane and wolf shifter Sean Roberts are thrown together to locate kidnapped dragon shifter Imka. The Mad King kidnapped Imka to force Lady Simone Silversbane to find the Crown of Ice, an ancient artifact used to control shifters.

The pair searches the Las Vegas area while trying to fight the attraction to each other. Lisa knows Sean is her fated mate, while Sean doesn’t want to give up control of his life for a vampire.

When tragedy strikes, will Lisa claim Sean even though it could mean the end of their relationship?

Shadow's Pride - book 3

Clarissa Blackwater, a lion shifter and Remy Silversbane, a vampire second in command to the Master Vampire of Detroit, were two people that should have never crossed paths. But when both their worlds collided, they soon found each other embroiled in a conflict greater than either of them could have imagined: the search for an ancient artifact, the Sword of Truth.

The rumors said the Sword was powerful enough to heal any injury - even make its bearer impossible to kill - and for that reason many people are looking for it.

After the lions’ beloved Prince Aamandu was grievously injured, Remy and Clarissa took on finding the Sword. It seemed simple enough at first... until the mad vampire king, Raphael, became involved. The stakes suddenly became higher than ever before, and no one was sure who would come out alive.

Remy and Clarissa faced danger at every turn as they worked together to find the artifact, but something unexpected emerged along the way: a spark between them that could not be denied. During the search, the two would find love in the oddest of places and a strength neither knew they possessed. Who knows what awaits them in the end?

Shadow's Price - novella

Wolf shifter Sheila Carter's luck has just run out.

Sheila is on the run from a corrupt Alpha when she lands in Cleveland. There she finds safety and a new life with the local pack.

All of that is upended when she meets Xavier Silversbane, the vampire Master of the City who promptly stakes his claim on her.

Can Shelia navigate her new world, or will she find herself back in the clutches of the corrupt Alpha?

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