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Kindle Vella Serials

  • The Southern Cardinal

    Talsia Dacian is a princess who is in exile due to the actions of her parents. Little does anyone know she's also the fabled Southern Cardinal, one of the four women who are rumored to be able to open the Gates of Hell and release the King of Hell from his thousand-year prison sentence.

    Follow the tale of her rise to power in the Southern Empire and that of her enemies whose sole mission is to send her to Hell so that she can be used to free the King of Hell and his four Lords.

  • Nightshade Vampires - Shadow's Debt

    Can dragon catch a break? Dragon shifter Simone just received her college degree and is ready to settle in Chicago when her world crashes around her. Her father has given her to the Nightshade vampire lord Andre to satisfy a debt. And Andre has a specific reason that he chose her as payment.

    Now Simone is a pawn in the deadly world of the Nightshade Vampires where nothing is as what it seems. 

    An insane vampire is interested in possessing Simone. For what reason? Will she survive long enough to carve out her place in the Nightshade community? Or will she lose everything that she holds dear?

  • Shadow's Price

    Wolf shifter Sheila Carter's luck has just run out. Sheila is on the run from a corrupt Alpha when she lands in Cleveland.

    There she finds safety and a new life with the local pack.

    All of that is upended when she meets Xavier Silversbane, the vampire Master of the City.

    Can Shelia navigate her new world, or will she find herself back in the clutches of the corrupt Alpha?